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Martin Beal & Gary Mendoza 

State of the City Address 2017

Early Flowers 

Divine East meets Majestic West 

June recital will showcase the best moments of our 2015-2016 season as well as new repertoire that the audience has never seen before! 

June 18th 2pm & 4pm 

Tickets are available at our office. 

June Recital 2017

Dance is a performing art.  The ultimate goal of dancers training diligently is to share their talent and love of dancing with audiences. We are very happy to offer several performing opportunities at the school, at community events, as well as in professional theatrical productions.  Follow our Facebook page for updates regarding performances.


UNESCO's best method of transmitting intellectual heritage! 

Celebration of Mayor Steve Ly 

‚ÄčArtists of today meet artists of tomorrow! 

Our prestigious Le Petit Pas Junior Company performs with world renowned artists at galas making history in California!